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Fawkes F.A.Q.

This is the FAQ that will be public and available to people who are applying to be members here.



How long should my application be?
At Fawkes, we believe that elaboration is key. We want to have enough to go on, so we can properly place you in a hybrid house. That being said, each question should probably be answered in a minimum of five sentences. Occasionally answers can be short and we can still get enough out of them, but just to be safe, try to make each answer at least five sentences.

Am I allowed to comment on the votes on my application?
Yes, however, remember that this may also affect your sorting if there are flamebait replies. If any major issues arise, please contact the sorting caretaker sugarlilie by email (sugarlilie@livejournal.com) or a Head of House.

What is a Kwikspell vote?
Kwikspell is in no way the same as Squibbing, so don’t be discouraged if you get some Kwikspell votes. Kwikspell is one of the things that makes Fawkes unique in the sorting community world. If you are voted into Kwikspell, it means that the voters see major potential in your application, but they just can’t find out where to place you. Upon being sorting into Kwikspell, you will have the opportunity to work with a sponsor and revise your application, and then re-submit it to the community to have us vote again.

What is a Muggle vote?
A Muggle vote is the equivalent of a Squib vote in other sorting communities. This vote should be reserved for severe circumstances, such as plagiarism or highly offensive application content. When giving a Muggle vote, remember to be respectful. Do not stoop to the level of the applicant, no matter what they’ve done. We don’t want any wank in Fawkes.

What is “pushing”?
If a sorter tells you that you were pushing in an application, it means that he or she thinks that you were deliberately doctoring your answers to get into a specific house. Pushing is open to interpretation by the sorter, as it comes in many forms. Pushing will most likely get you sorted into Kwikspell.

How often do I need to sort?
You must sort two applications per week. If you do not sort for one week, then you will be on first week probation. To get off of first week probation, you must sort four applications in the next week. If you do not sort for two consecutive weeks, you will be on second week probation. To get off of second week probation, you must sort six applications in the next week. If you do not sort for three consecutive weeks, you will be expelled. The only exception to the rule is if you go on hiatus.

Is there any way I can obtain an exemption from sorting?
A person may be excused from sorting in a given week if they participate in two contests, but must notify their Head of House that they intend to do so.


What do I do if I don't have the time to sort for awhile?
In the fawkes_ministry profile, you will find a “Begin Hiatus” form. Fill this out, and post it to the Ministry.

How long can I be on hiatus for?
Please limit it to two months unless you get express permission from your Head of House.

What do I do if I am expelled and would like to re-join the community?
In the fawkes_ministry profile, you will find a “Re-Entry” form. Fill this out, and post it to the Ministry.

What if there are not enough applications up for me to get off of probation?
You will simply stay on the same week of probation until there are enough applications in one week for you to get off of it.


What should I do if I get sorted into a certain house, and feel that I don’t belong there?
We ask that you try it out for at least a month. The community members sorted you there for a reason, and maybe you will come to realize it in time. If after a month, you still feel out of place, fill out the “Re-Sorting” form from the fawkes_ministry profile, and post it to the Ministry. When applying for a Re-Sort, we ask that you do not say which house you think you should be in. Simply say why you shouldn't be in the house you are in right now.


How many points do I earn for sorting?
If your sort is below 150 words, you get 1 point for each sort. If you sort an applicant in 150-300 words, you will get 3 points. If you sort an applicant in over 300 words, you will get 7 points. Also, if you sort all of the applicants posted in a given week, you get a 10 point bonus for being a Top Sorter.

How else can I earn points?
There are many ways to get points for your house. You can enter contests at fawkes_pitch, write fanfiction at fawkes_flourish, or make graphics for fawkes_blotts.


What is fawkes_blotts?
This is where you may open up a graphics shops to display your talent as well as rake in galleons at the end of every week. See the fawkes_blotts profile for more detailed information.

What is fawkes_cauldron?
This is the place for you to discuss with your fellow members anything that does not relate to the world Harry Potter. Share your other interests, discuss current events, or bring up anything you wish to share with the members of the community.

What is fawkes_flourish?
This is the place to show off your writing skills. Drabbles, longer fiction, and essays on a variety of topics will be found here. Write early and write often to earn your house points!

What is fawkes_ministry?
This is the place to bring your comments about the structure and procedures of the community at large, as well as the central place to post hiatus notices if you need to take a break from your duties as a student.

What is fawkes_pitch?
This is where you'll find all of the contests, games, and other activities that are being hosted by our main community. Participation is encouraged in order to earn points for your house, make friends, and hopefully have some fun! The specifics will change depending on the contests, make sure you read the posts carefully when a contest is set!


Can we post promotions?
Yes, you can post promotions for HP or non-HP related things in fawkes_cauldron. We only ask that you do not spam.

If you have a question that was not answered in this post, please leave it in a comment.
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