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Fawkes Reunion [entries|friends|calendar]
Rebirth and Reunion

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Posting on behalf of alexander [03 Nov 2006|08:51pm]

Dear Fawkes,

I am sorry that this has turned into a mess. I know that you are all Harry Potter fans and that this was based off of a Harry Potter community. I know that we have loss a lot of people and we have lost a lot of steam. Here is one of my proposals.

I will leave Fawkes alone, to whoever wishes to run it. While I do not have the energy to run an all out Harry Potter only sorting community, I do and can/will run a book community if people are interested.

If you would like me to butt out, please, don't read below the cut.

DetailsCollapse )

That is what I can offer you, as AJ, alexander, ex-Senior Head of Fawkes. I cannot offer you Harry Potter or salvation from the lack of Senior Headness. I'm sorry, but I stepped down because I couldn't handle it.

Much love,
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Fawkes F.A.Q. [31 Oct 2006|02:53pm]

This is the FAQ that will be public and available to people who are applying to be members here.

FAQCollapse )

If you have a question that was not answered in this post, please leave it in a comment.
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LULZ Modly business [20 Jun 2006|07:40pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

First off, OWLs will be coming up. More on those will be posted later.

SECOND, I know that I have not been a very good mod. I have had the time and my time (when I have had it) has been inconsistent. When Fawkes first started off there was a large group of people interested in a "more work spread out over more people" for a community that was truly owned by the community. I have not been following this mostly, and I apologize for that as well.

The end of the first term is coming, and we're disorganized. I know that we haven't been as on schedule as we could be and I know that I haven't at all. Which, I must admit that I didn't think that being an HoH and helping run the community would take as much time and effort as it had. So apologies for that as well.

There are two options ... three.

We can continue how we've been doing.
We can try to go more towards the "more work spread out over more people" or
We can go the opposite way and convert to a more hierarchacal structure like what many other sorting comms use.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all options.

Your input is greatly appreciated, even if it is a complaint or a fanciful idea.

If you'd like to tell me I suck as well, go ahead, anon commenting is allowed and IP tracking is off, but I prefer that we stick to constructive criticism that will help the community forward.


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Welcome to Fawkes Reunion [01 Apr 2006|07:26pm]


"We must unite inside her
or we'll crumble from within;
I have told you, I have warned you...
Let the sorting now begin."

Slytherdor may be the place for you
The house where others fear to tread
Dwell a brave and ambitious lot.
Their cunningness and brashness too,
Will always help them win in the end.

Fierce loyalty and unnerving strength of heart
Are chivalrous virtues that set Gryffinpuffs apart.
If you are stubborn and brave, hardworking and true,
A mix of daring and patience, each adventure anew,
You belong in this House of devout courage and fun.
Gryffinpuffs are bold, fair and understanding of everyone

Each student's immense loyalty
In Ravenpuff you'll find
Is only to be contended
By a brilliant mind
So if with wit and diligence
You find yourself possesed
Perhaps the house of Ravenpuff
Is one that fits you best!

You may belong in Ravendor
Where they are wise and bold.
They soar and roar, think live and love
With ideal minds of gold.

Proud gryphons are the brave of heart
With minds unsatisfied.
Those Ravendors are fiery souls
With wit most bona fide!

Slytherpuff may be the house for you
If you like those of ambition
Or if hardwork and loyalty are more to your taste,
Slytherpuff has all of these and cunning to match.

Even still there may be one other house for you,
A place where the colors are green and blue
Where knowledge and ambition go hand and hand,
Slytherclaw is where you may land.

Welcome to Fawkes Reunion, a Harry Potter sorting community. However, unlike many sorting communities, Fawkes Reunion follows the tradition of _pillars_four and fourhouseunion (both of which are now sadly deceased, RIP XD) of sorting their members into hybrid houses. Once a member is sorted they may participate in discussions, contests, earn points for their house and eventually battle good naturedly debate about where the House Cup is going this term.

For more information, click the banner!
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[06 Mar 2006|11:06pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

This is just fantastic, you guys. I can't believe how quickly you set up a new community! I'm loving the layout.

I just felt like posting that. Yep. I did. Indeedy. *frolics away to bed*

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